08 May 2006

Keep his eyes off me

D: There's this guy at the gym
D: He's always staring at me
G: Weird
D: He's all with the looking
D: Not as annoying as the whistling guy
D: But he can't keep his eyes off me
D: Honest - it's starting to get exasperating
D: I wish he'd hurry up and ask me out already
G: I really should have seen that coming by now :(


envy said...

Would u look at that thing!
there in jeans with that short haircut n not to mention the nipples!
do u have such guys after u at gym?

Walter "Kimora Lee" White said...

why aren't there ever any pics of brown boys :-(

Sue said...

Yeah, I noticed nipple guy too. Hot!

Anonymous said...

tips for only getting hot guys to hit on one in the gym?